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Burns Mortality Audit

National Audit Meeting


Burns Mortality Audit

Course Details

Each unit will present

  • A short summary of their activity, including a breakdown of cases by TBSA

  • A list of all deaths from burn injury including a Revised Baux score for each death.

  • Case presentations including referral/arrival details; past medical history; a time-line of events, allowing the description of the most significant events and interventions during the patient’s time in hospital

  • The actions / lessons learned as a result of the case.

  • Outlier survivors

  • Serious incidents


No charge

There is no charge for participants of this meeting but please register via the link on the home page.


Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Details to follow

Forthcoming Dates


2021 date - not finalised


2021 British Isles Burns mortality audit

Date TBC

In June 2015, burn services from England and Wales came together for the first time to undertake a national mortality audit.

In June 2016, this audit meeting was repeated but on this occasion services from Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland also participated. 

This year's meeting is in Birmingham and we look forward to seeing you there.

The date for the British Isles Burns mortality audit will be announced here shortly.

Further information can be obtained via this link.


Burns Mortality Audit registration

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Meeting Organisers

Peter Saggars

London and South East England Burn Network Manager

Professor Naiem Moiemen FRCS(plast)

Plastic Surgeon, Midlands Burns Network Clinical Lead


Event Coordinator

Kirsteen Floodgate

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham


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