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National Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery meeting

Instructional lectures, trainee presentations, home to the Douglas Murray prize and the Mercian travelling award.

Course Details

All aspects of plastic surgery

  • Mandatory for West Midlands NTNs

  • Expert Instructional lectures

  • Trainee presentations

  • Douglas Murray prize (£750 & £250)

  • Mercian Travelling Award (£1500)



West Midlands NTNs - no charge - see additional notes below
Employees of UHBFT - no charge
Others - £35


The Beeches Conference Centre

76 Selly Oak Rd, 
B30 1LS
Tel: 0121 433 3311

Forthcoming Dates


2021 - date to be confirmed

The plastic surgery department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham hosts NPRAS an educational meeting on all aspects of plastic surgery.

The meeting features instructional lectures from local and national experts and provides a forum for presentations on any topic related to plastic, reconstructive or aesthetic surgery.

Closing date for submissions: TBA

If you wish to apply for the Douglas Murray Prize & Mercian Award please remember to complete both application forms as well as registering for the meeting.

Further information about NPRAS

Submissions for presentation are invited from trainees or medical students on any plastic surgery related topic. All presenters will be eligible for the Douglas Murray prize and abstracts should be submitted via this link

As part of the meeting two prizes are awarded - The Douglas Murray prize and The Mercian Travelling Award.

The meeting will be of interest to anyone involved in plastic surgery and related disciplines.

Note: this meeting forms a mandatory part of the training programme for Specialist Registrars in Plastic Surgery on the West Midlands Regional Training programme. West Midlands trainees holding a National Training Number may attend the meeting free of charge but must register for the meeting by sending an email to

Registration fees for all other attendees are shown above

Mercian Travelling Award
Lecturer at university. Medical expert g

NPRAS 2020

Sadly, NAPRAS had to be cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19. We will be back with our newly invigorated meeting as soon as possible. Watch this space ....

Past NPRAS Lecturers

We have been informed & educated by the following national experts


  • Mr Nigel Mercer - "Certification in Cosmetic Surgery"

  • Mr Fazel Fatah - "Lipomodelling in cosmetic surgery"

  • Mr Shehan Hettiaratchy - "The plastic surgeon in trauma care"

  • Dr Amelia Swift - "How to read and write …… for publication"

  • Dr Robert Jones - "Vascular anomalies: twists and turns"


  • Mr Dominic Power -  "Current concepts in brachial plexus and peripheral nerve surgery"

  • Miss Gill Smith -  "Congenital hand surgery"


  • Mr Bruce Richard -  "Hands up in Nepal - tendon transfers and smiles for people affected by leprosy

  • Mr Ken Bellringer - "Life changing injury: A patient's perspective"


  • Dr Jerry Marsden -  "Surgical skin oncology - what we don't know, but should"

  • Mr Simon Wharton - "Hypospadias - an update on where we are now"



  • Miss Anne Dancey - “Microvascular transfer for Prophylaxis & treatment of Lymphoedema”

  • Mr Fazel Fatah - “The Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery”


  • Mr Garth Titley  -  "Something in the Sausages"

  • Mr Sat Parmar  - “3-Dimensional Bony Reconstruction in the Head and Neck”


  • Mr Francis Peart  - “Aesthetic Challenges in Rhinoplasty”

  • Dr Jeff Lindsay - “Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Amputations”

  • Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa  - “Assessment of Cosmetic deformity”


  • Mr David Ross - “State of the Art on Massive Weight Loss Surgery” 

  • Mr Vikram Vijh - “Breast Augmentation - How do I do it”


  • Mr Venkat  Ramakrishnan -  'Microsurgery - Past, Present and Future'

  • Mr Venkat  Ramakrishnan - 'Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Breast'


  • Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa - "Craniofacial Challenges"

  • Miss Vivien Lees - 'Why Train in Aesthetic Surgery'?


  • Michael Early - "The Training Value of Overseas Experience"

  • Fazel Fatah - "Breast Reconstructive Surgery; room for improvement"


  • Professor Simon Kay - “Publishing in Plastic Surgery”

  • Mr Aivar Bracka - "Evolution in Urogenital Plastic Surgery - The Wordsley Legacy"


  • Mr P.E.M Butler - Transplantation in Plastic Surgery, Now & In The Future

  • Professor D.A McGrouther - How to Plan Your Career before, during, and after research.

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